About Us

About us and what we are about

Living the Dream - Mostly a Good One

>  100% Irish Owned and operated
>   90 Years in business>  One of the largest independent Pharmacies
>  A great team - nice, educated and keen
>  Price Guarantee
>  Top Selling Brands
>   One of the good guys


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100% Irish - Keeping it in the country

We employee in Ireland - We pay Irish Taxes - We support our country  

It also means your purchases are safe with us - we are an established business that exists physically as well as digitally.

You can deal with any of our team - by email, online chat or phone and  they will “get” what you mean

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90 years in business - still going strong

This is an actual business -You have no worries about being able 
 to get in touch with us after you purchase.

dPharmacy is the online store of  O’Flynns Pharmacy, established  1928 & is now in its Third generation

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A Great Team - Nice, Educated and Keen

There are 20 members of our team

We have Pharmacists, Technicains, Beauticians, Make Up Artists, Office Staff and Health & Nutrition Assistants. 

Your queries are dealt with by Qualified People. Our team stand out for their friendliness and willingness to help.

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PSI Registered - a Real Pharmacy

Every “Real” Pharmacy” in Ireland has to be Examined & Certified by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.

dPharmacy is one of the few Pharmacies to operate an Online Pharmacy.

Unlike dPharmacy, most Online retailers only offer beauty products. 

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Top Selling Brands 

We carry Top Selling brands & Plenty of them.

This is not a small outfit pushing unknown brands

We carry hundreds of thousands of euros of stock with leading brands by both sales & blogger reviews.

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Price Guarantee

You Don’t get to be the Top Independent pharmacy account in Ireland by just being pleasant.

Our team carry out regular price comparisons and know we offer the lowest prices in both Ireland and the UK.

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Largest independent Pharmacy

Being an 'Independent' frees us of management tiers.

You deal with people that can make a call and give you a straight answer to your queries or problems.

We also pay attention to your suggestions and complaints.

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Be one of the Good Guys

We work to pay our way, to keep warm & to Give a bit back.

Its good to keep rooting at any age.10% of all revenue go straight to Charity (and always have).

Our sponsored charities are Trocaire, Collon Animal Sanctuary and Sports Associations.

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