It only takes 60 Seconds to have Nail Polish like a Pro

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Do you find that you like to wear a different nail polish colour to match your outfit but just don’t have the time to sit and wait around for the nail polish to dry? We all want perfectly manicured nails and want to have all the latest new colours that are out.


Quick Drying Nail Polish


Well with Rimmel’s 60 second nail polishes you don’t have to wait around for ages for your nails to dry they literally do what they say and dry in 60seconds, with this quick drying formula you can now change your nail colour throughout the week to match your outfit, mood or season it is that easy.


The Rimmel 60 second nail polishes glide on really smooth and easy and the wide brush means that you can get the nail done in 2 strokes. The staying power of these polishes are great and you will get a few days out of them without chipping you will also get longer by applying a top coat. Even without a top coat the polishes have a great high shine finish to them.



How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro


When applying them it is best to apply the layers quite thin as the thicker you apply them the longer it is going to take them to dry, It is also 60 seconds drying time per coat of nail polish so it will also depend on how many layers that you are applying, I found that the coverage on my first coat was great and covered but I did apply a second coat to bring the colour out more and to help it last longer.



Picking your Colour of Nail Polish


The colour that I used was fun time fuschia and I loved this colour. I found for the summer it was a nice bright vibrant colour. Oranges, Pinks and Blues tend to be very popular in the Summer while in winter the Classic Reds and Purples are a great look.


Now that its coming to the end of the summer and into the cold wintery  months I am looking forward to trying the more deeper shades and as it is so quick and easy I am looking forward to trying a few of them out.


They have a great range of colours and there is something to suit everyone for all occasions and seasons

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