What Women Think is a Big Turn Off in Men: Untrimmed Untamed and Unattractive Beards?

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The Big Ginger Hairy Face Look


From a woman’s point of view the big ginger hairy face look is a real turn off. There is no nice way of putting it. Whether you are growing a beard for a bet, because you always wanted a beard etc be careful - for the average guy, pulling off the scruffy look takes work!


You beard needs to be shaped to suit your face, have the scraggy ends trimmed, and be clean and in good (not brittle) condition. 


How to Trim Beards

Beards can be trimmed with a good scissors (not a blunt pair from the kitchen) or a beard trimmer (much easier to control and less dangerous than a scissors). When you are trimming our beard make sure it’s clean, dry and combed before going at it with a scissors or trimmer. Use a good mirror so don’t cut yourself or miss bits. If you are taking a big beard to a tidy beard, take your time. Trim a bit at a time so mistakes can be reworked. The hardest thing in trimming a beard is getting it even on both sides. Doing it in a few sweeps ups your odds of success dramatically.


What Style of Beard Suits your Face ?

Round or square shaped faces look better with longer less full at the side’s beards whereas fuller more robust beards suit thin faces. Small faces need beards in proportion which are tidy and not to bushy while bigger or heavy faces look more normal with a fuller beard to balance the look. If you’re blessed with an oval face or a chiselled jaw line use your advantage and keep a tight well trimmed beard.


Cleaning Your Beard - The Baiscs

Beards need to be clean. They get greasy just like the hair on your head and have the added joy of having all sorts of food and drinks being dribbled on them.  As beards are on the face you need to be careful with what shampoos you use. You want them strong enough to clear the grease and dirt but gently enough that you don’t end up with flaky, dry, sore skin.


Conditioning Your Beard

 Beards in good condition can be washed with a normal face wash like L’Oreal Men Expert Face wash. Dry beards should be washed with a shampoo like Gliss Asian Shampoo. This product can turn coarse hair to shiny hair in one wash. For a really mad beard or reddish beards (which reflect the light more than darker beards and so look dry and in unhealthy condition)  also use Gliss conditioner – it sounds naff but a quick drop of Gliss Asian Conditioner  in the shower will put a great shine and condition on your beard. An inexpensive hair oil like L’Oreal Hair Dry Oil instantly into the beard hair, tame it and add a great condition and shine to it. No one will notice it, there is no big Girlie smell to it and it also moisturisers your skin. Aragon Oil also works well as a beard conditioning oil and is a lot less expensive than Beard Oil.


How to Shave off A Big Beard

The final frontier of beard management is the big shave off. Big decisions like this can be followed by big actions which rarely end in big successes. For the big beard removal plan your battle and exercise it slowly.  

Several run over’s of a trim is a good plan. It means you won’t hack the skin off but also if you do the process over a week or two it firstly alerts the natives to the pending change and secondly, if you trim it tight for a week or so, lets a bit of a tan return to your face so the return to normal is less tan lines and more normal face.



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