How to Look Good with Stubble

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How to get Stubble that Looks Good


Good stubble has a bad boy “Lynx” look. Bad stubble has a “I don’t wash” and “I can’t pull look”.


Stubble, done right, adds a masculine sexy look. It’s ideal for guys who are too babyish looking, have some spots or scars they wish to hide or just want an edgy look. The one requirement is you that you have enough facial hair – if you have thin or patch facial hair growth give it a miss.


Good Looking Stubble Takes Effort not Luck

To look great with stubble it helps to be good looking, tanned and toned. These qualities help any look. It is essential to have stubble that is clean, has enough but not too much growth and is trimmed to suit the shape of your face.

The stubble look,  like most looks, takes a little bit of effort. You need to keep it reasonably trimmed. Basic bits of the face like the cheeks and neck need to be shaved in order to define the stubble. The top tip here is to use a gel or oil that allows you see the stubble when you are shaving. Total Shaving oil is inexpensive shaving oil that smells great and really conditions the skin.


How to Keep Stubble Looking Good

To keep the area clean and non oily use a face wash like L’Oreal men Expert Face Wash. If you suffer with spots or Acne Garnier Pure Active face wash is a must. 

An aftershave balm conditions both your skin and the stubble. This conditioning helps to give the stubble a more finished look. It also makes you smell nice.

Keep stubble at the right length using a trimmer or a wet shave. When you want to go back to the clean shave do it in two stages which allows the sun on your face so as to dodge the two toned face look.

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