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CB12 Oral Rinse Mild (Green Top) 250ml

CB12 Oral RinseChoose CB12, the revolutionary new, long lasting mouth rinse proven to prevent and neutralise bad breath for up to 12 hours. CB12 is a highly effective and a unique patented formula tha..

€25.07 €14.10 Ex Tax: €11.46

Corsodyl Daily Cool Mint Alcohol-Free Mouthwash 500ml

Corsodyl Daily Cool Mint Alcohol-Free MouthwashProtect your gums and dental health with Corsodyl Daily Cool Mint Alcohol-Free Mouthwash. Specially formulated for everyday use, Corsodyl Daily..

€12.30 €7.10 Ex Tax: €5.77

Difflam Oral Rinse 300ml

Directions for use:Warnings: Ingredients:..

€9.80 Ex Tax: €9.80