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Beauty Formulas Lens Cleaning Wipes 20 pack

Beauty Formulas Lens Cleaning WipesBeauty Formulas Lens Cleaning Wipes are designed for the optimal upkeep and cleaning of optical plastic, glass and coated lenses. Formulated with a mild cleaning sol..

€8.33 €3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44

Blephasol Eye Lotion 100ml

 BLEPHASOL is recommended for the daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids, particularly the edge of the eyelids between the eyelashes and surface of the eye.BLEPHASOL does not contain alcohol, deterge..

€14.30 Ex Tax: €11.63

Medicare Ear Syringe

Medicare Ear SyringeFor the effective, safe and hygienic removal of wax and debris from the ears, choose the Medicare Ear Syringe. Designed to provide a quick, pain free irrigation of the ear, the Med..

€4.60 Ex Tax: €3.74