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BioXtra Dry Mouth Anti-Plaque Mouth Rinse 250ml

BioXtra Anti-Plaque Mouth Rinse Choose BioXtra Anti-Plaque Mouth Rinse for moisture, comfort and protection from the symptoms and effects of oral dryness. Formulated specifically for dry, sore an..

€8.65 Ex Tax: €7.03

BioXtra Dry Mouth Gel 40ml

BioXtra Dry Mouth GelDesigned to deliver much-needed moisture throughout the night, BioXtra Dry Mouth Gel promotes a balanced level of moisture in the mouth as it maintains normal pH levels and guards..

€9.15 Ex Tax: €7.44

Bonjela Teething Oromucosal Gel 15ml

Directions for use:Not to be used in infants under four months.Not to be used in patients with hypersensitivity to salicylates, aspirin or other NSAIDs, or to any of the excipients.This medicinal prod..

€5.05 Ex Tax: €5.05

Corsodyl Mouthwash Aniseed 300ml

Corsodyl Mouthwash AniseedProtect your oral and dental health with Corsodyl Mouthwash Aniseed. Formulated to protect your gums and teeth, it is suitable for everyday use and is clinically proven to re..

€6.90 Ex Tax: €5.61

Difflam Oral Rinse 300ml

Directions for use:Warnings: Ingredients:..

€9.80 Ex Tax: €9.80

Kin Gingival Mouthwash 250ml

Kin Gingival MouthwashFor the prevention of bad breath and halitosis and to reduce the excessive formation of dental plaque and gingivitis, choose Kin Gingival Mouthwash. Specifically formulated to pr..

€8.40 Ex Tax: €6.83