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Daktarin 2% Cutaneous Powder 30G

Daktarin Powder gives quick & effective treatment for fungal & bacterial skin infections.  It is particularly useful in sweaty areas such as the groin, feet & under breasts where dr..

€3.80 Ex Tax: €3.09

Daktarin Cream 30gm

 Daktarin cream is an anti fungal cream.  Daktarin contains an antifungal drug which kills fungal infections. While the effects can be seen in up to ten days but it is advisable to treat ..

€5.40 Ex Tax: €4.39

Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution 4g

Lamasil Once is a single dose treatment for the complete treatment of Athletes Foot.  There is no need to use it a second time.For the best results, the treated areas should not be washed for 24 ..

€16.90 Ex Tax: €13.74

Medicare Foot Odour Spray 70ML

Medicare Foot Odour SprayA specially formulated foot spray, designed to ensure the most active of feet remain fresh and odour free, the Medicare Foot Odour Spray provides a gentle and soothing remedy,..

€5.45 Ex Tax: €4.43