Laser Hair Clinic

Fed up with Unwanted Hair?

We Really do have the Solution

Feel more attractive every day, wear what you want, stop shaving and waxing & enjoy a beautiful hairless body every day.

The world’s number 1 seller of IPL laser hair removal equipment, Ellipse has now arrived in our Salon offering proven results for permanent hair removal.

Safe, Effective and Permanent

Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of intense pulsed light (called Selective Waveband Technology by Ellipse, but often referred to as a laser) to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes. The results last for years.

Because the treatment relies on absorption of light by melanin, there needs to be melanin in the hair. This means that light blonde, red, grey or white hairs do not respond, and the most efficient treatment is seen with dark hair. Ellipse is able to treat all colours of skin, and has pre-programmed settngs for different hair thicknesses and skin colours to match your exact needs.

The laser hair removal treatments are fast, safe and virtually painless, and carried out in the privacy of our Beauty Rooms above O’Flynn’s Pharmacy.

IMPORTANT:  First time clients need to book a consultation with our Laser Technician who will carry out a patch test to ensure that you do not have a reaction to the laser . This service is free, takes around 20 minutes and must be carried 24-48 hours prior to treatment.


IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments Include

 > Bikini – Standard        

> Bikini – Californian / Hollywood          

> Bikini – Brazillian        

> Underarm           

> Lip & Chin                

> Facial – Lip / Chin / Sides                  

> Full or Half Leg             

> Back & Neck    

 > Chest & Shoulders      

> Stomach

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