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Canesten Combi Pessary & Cream 10g

Directions for use:Ensure you wash your hands both before and after using the pessary and the cream. Insert the pessary into the vagina via the applicator at night and apply the cream thinly to the af..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.41

Canesten Pessary 500mg (Single)

Canesten Pessary 500mgCanesten Pessary is an application for the effective treatment of thrush. Inserted into the vagina the pessary delivers treatment directly to the site of infection, also containi..

€15.20 Ex Tax: €12.36

Daktarin Cream 30gm

 Daktarin cream will treat Athletes Foot over a period of 6 weeks or more.  The cream needs to be used three times a day.Daktarin powder should be used on top of the cream and dusted into al..

€5.40 Ex Tax: €4.39