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Antistax Leg & Vein Massage Gel 125ML

Antistax  Cooling Leg Gel relieves tired and heavy legs making them feel refreshed at the end of a busy day. Great for people who work on their feet or people who suffer with varicose veins or..

€10.10 Ex Tax: €8.21

Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution 4g

Lamasil Once is a single dose treatment for the complete treatment of Athletes Foot.  There is no need to use it a second time.For the best results, the treated areas should not be washed for 24 ..

€16.90 Ex Tax: €13.74

Wartner Wart & Verruca Remover 50ml

Wartner Cryotherapy Wart Remover contains an aerosol can with a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, an applicator holder and foam applicators; it contains a file to remove calloused skin on top of ..

€18.00 Ex Tax: €14.63

Zirtek 10mg Tablets (7 tablets)

Who can take Zirtek (Cetirizine) Tablets?Adults and children aged over 6 years.How to take ZirtekTake with a glass of liquid. The tablet can be divided into 2 equal doses.Adults and adolescents above ..

€4.15 Ex Tax: €4.15

Zirtek 1mg/ml Oral Soln Otc (200ml)

Adults and children aged over 2 years can use Zirtek liquid.The Daily dose of Zirtek liquid is:Adults and adolescents above 12 years: 10mg once daily as 10 ml oral solution (2 full measuring spoons)Ch..

€17.80 Ex Tax: €17.80